Saturday, September 3, 2011


Cover of "An Uncommon Soldier: The Civil ...Cover via AmazonNo goals set for August, because I hadn't figured out how to set any yet. But I did accomplish some things:

(1) I finished reading An Uncommon Soldier

(2) I read Persia Woolley's book on how to write historical fiction.

(3) I went to the relic show.

(4) I started this blog, opened a Twitter account, and set up a Facebook page--none of which is actual work on the book, of course, but it's part of building a sense of myself as a writer, which in turn obligates me to start acting like one. Or so I hope.

(5) I found an on-line re-enactors' group which is an awesome gold mine of research material, and I joined it. I've already learned so much!

(6) I solved the mystery of where/when my main character surrendered--which, unfortunately, means ditching (or at the least, re-locating) one of the few complete scenes I'd written. Oh, well. Such is the life of a historical novelist.

As for September, I hope to
  1. bring my notebook current (get hard copies of stuff I revised last month printed)
  2. track the pages I read for research so I can set a goal for October that's measurable and achievable (there's the psychologist in me talking!)
  3. finish reading Plot & Structure and Writing Historical Fiction
  4. organize the unholy mess that is OneNote on my laptop
  5. finish processing my photos of the Resaca re-enactment (yeah, yeah, I know--that was last May!)
  6. write up the physical description of my female horse soldier and her mount (from photos I got in May of a female re-enactor)

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